Do you know your interior style?

Do you know your interior style?

We recently covered the topic of budgets, next on the list of questions from our skilled sales consultants and in-house bathroom designers, will be: “What is your preferred Style?”

We aren’t talking about the latest trend or what your bestie has in their home, we are talking about what YOU love and what feeling you want to create in YOUR space.

By having a clear picture in your mind, or on your phone, you will be able to create the three key principles for your new project:

  1. The aesthetics of your bathroom or home – How do you want it to look
  2. You will clarify how you want your bathroom or home to make YOU feel
  3. Help you stay on track when it comes to making decisions

When it comes to narrowing down your favourite architectural or interior style Pinterest and Instagram are great sources for visual inspiration. Write down a few keywords that you have appealed to you, for example, “Mediterranean”, “Modern” or “Minimalistic” search these words and start saving any images that you like, and start creating your own board for reference.

TIP: Pay attention to the different colours and textures in the pins or posts you save; this will guide you when selecting your tiles.

  1. Don’t be shy to show us your likes, we appreciate customers that show us their saved boards and posts, the more you show us, the better we understand you and your style.

When it comes to how you want to feel in your space, it can simply be “Relaxed and calm” or “luxurious”, anything that makes you happy.

Go through all your saved images, pick out your top 10 and check if they work well with your preferred style and the feeling you want to convey.  You’ve now narrowed down your preferred style!

What about the third principle, staying on track? Well, Ferreiras Showrooms are over 2500m2 in size, with an abundance of tiles, taps, and sanitaryware, anything you need for your Tile + Bathroom requirements, this variety means you will see products that will you love, but do they match your style and feel? For example, if you want a clean, minimalistic bathroom, that is soothing and tranquil, then a bold bright mosaic would be better suited in a Boho or Eclectic style.

If you are still unsure on how to proceed, make use of our in-house interior design studio, an interior designer does more than making things look beautiful, they can also give you creative design recommendations that best meet your needs and suit how you want to live.