The Importance of a Budget

Budget, why is it so important?

Upon visiting our showrooms and interacting with our skilled sales consultants and in-house bathroom designers, you will notice that the question regarding the budget will be top of the list when determining which products to present to you.

But how do you know what your budget is?

This is the “not so fun part” of any build or renovation: determining your financial situation, and what you can afford. It might seem daunting at first but the key to working on your budget is PLANNING.

What is important to remember during any project is that there are many variables to consider on each site, everything from the level of your finishes, and the design as well as the site conditions, these can affect your initial ballpark budget figure.

TIP: How much you are willing to spend on a home you are renovating or building for profit will differ from the amount you will spend on your dream home.

So how do you stay on budget? Now the planning comes into effect…

  1. Start with the essentials:

When deciding on what you want in your new home or bathroom start with the essentials. For example, in the bathroom what are the items that are required for it to function, a toilet, basin, shower, and bath, as well as the relevant taps. Tiles and mosaics for floors and walls.

  1. What is on your “Wish List”?

If you have always dreamed of having a double vanity in the main en-suite, a fabulous freestanding bathtub to soak in, or even a designer Phillipe Starck sanware item in your bathroom, stick to those “must-haves” and compromise on the other items.

  1. Know what decisions you need to make early:

Don’t get caught out by failing to select things like tiles, taps, and sanitaryware early enough. Without proper planning, you might not get exactly what you want, or you could end up delaying the completion date, or worse yet, it can cost more money because plumbing needs to be moved or walls need to be demolished.

  1. Get your Quotes

The only way to determine an accurate budget for your project is to get a quote.

Once you have selected various products with your sales consultant or designer, we will provide a free quote for all the items with images. Our skilled sales consultants will advise which items are considered first fit and required on-site soon and can calculate the square meters of tiles and mosaics required for all your floors and walls.

We hope to see you soon in our Showrooms, at the first stage of your new project, working on your budget and quotes.