Top tips on where to place your Bathroom Accessories

Top tips on where to place your Bathroom Accessories.

Our previous blog gave you insight into which accessories you must get, here we will focus on where those beautiful bathroom accessories should be installed.

First things first, as you will be drilling into your tiles and cannot see what is hidden behind the tiles, it is important to take note that you do not drill into any water pipes or electrical conduits, make sure these have been clearly marked and when you get to the final phase of adding accessories you don’t have any accidents.

Our list below will be a helpful guide into product placement.

  1. Towel Rails and Towel Rings:

Towel rails should always be placed near your bath and shower so that it is easily reachable. The standard height of towel rails from your finished floor level (FFL) is between 1000-1200mm. Towel rings should be 500mm above your vanity countertop. Robe hooks are placed at 1800mm from the FFL and should have at least 250mm distance between each hook.

Did you know?

You get special towel rails that are suitable for glass installation, now you can mount your towel rail onto your glass shower screen and have your towel at the most convenient of locations 😊

  1. Mirrors:

The size and shape of your mirror will alter the mounting height.

The general rule for mirror heights is that the top of the mirror should be between 2000-2100mm from the floor. Square mirrors are usually the same size width as their vanity and placed in the centre of the vanity. If you have separate mirrors, they should be placed centre of the taps.

Don’t forget the electrical point for any mirrors with lighting.

  1. Soap Dish or Dispenser:

Soap dishes are to be placed between 1100 and 1300mm above the FFL and to be out of the shower’s spray’s reach. The soap dispensers are to be installed at a minimum height of 1000mm and not above 1200mm above the floor.

  1. Toilet Roll Holder:

The general height of a toilet roll holder is 600mm about FFL and should be placed around 200-300mm away from the toilet for easy access.

Are you still not sure of where your bathroom accessories should be placed, well then contact our In-House Bathroom Design Studio, it is what we do, everyday 😊