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Are you in pursuit of premium bathroom products that seamlessly blend exceptional craftsmanship with aesthetic allure? Look no further than Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom. We offer two conveniently located showrooms: our flagship showroom in Northriding, known as the Tile Hub, and our boutique showroom in Kramerville, referred to as the Design District. These showrooms showcase a diverse range of top-quality products, including the latest addition to hansgrohe’s product portfolio – the elegant Vivenis collection.

Vivenis: Elevate Your Water Experience

Picture water like you’ve never experienced before – a gentle waterfall within arm’s reach. The Vivenis collection by hansgrohe introduces a remarkable water encounter, turning your daily rituals into moments of pure relaxation. This line of bathroom mixers captures the essence of standing beneath a tranquil waterfall, thanks to its wide spray pattern. Vivenis elevates the act of hand and face washing to new heights, offering serenity amid our fast-paced lives.


AirPower: An Artful Water Enhancement

Hansgrohe has enriched the Vivenis collection with AirPower technology, a defining feature of their mixers. AirPower infuses air into the water, resulting in the broadest and gentlest spray available in the hansgrohe range. The outcome? A luxurious water experience that caresses your skin and leaves you feeling revitalized.

Elegance Meets Functionality

Visually, the Vivenis collection beautifully blends form and function. The gracefully curved spout mirrors the natural flow of water, creating a harmonious aesthetic. The streamlined handle invites you to engage with the mixer, offering a tactile experience that enhances your daily routines. This sophisticated design appeals to customers with an eye for refined aesthetics and a penchant for life’s finer details.


EcoSmart: Sustainable Luxury

Vivenis not only caters to your senses but also champions responsible water usage. Equipped with EcoSmart technology, this collection reduces water consumption by up to 60% compared to hansgrohe’s conventional bathroom mixers. By choosing Vivenis, you’re making an eco-conscious decision while indulging in a touch of luxury.


Versatility in Design and Functionality

The Vivenis collection transcends being a mere bathroom mixer; it’s an eye-catching addition to both modern and elegantly designed bathrooms. hansgrohe offers a complete mixer range that adheres to a consistent design language, ensuring coherence in your bathroom decor. You can explore a range of FinishPlus surface finishes, including matte black and matte white, enabling you to customize your bathroom’s ambiance and appearance. Whether it’s for your basin, bathtub, or shower, Vivenis provides a comprehensive solution tailored to your requirements.

ComfortZone: Tailoring to Your Preferences

To accommodate individual preferences and practicality, Vivenis offers four ComfortZone heights at the sink. This flexibility empowers you to choose the mixer height that aligns with your needs and complements your bathroom’s design. It’s all about personalization and comfort.

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As South Africa’s leading destination for premium bathroom products, Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom invites you to experience the sheer luxury and functionality of the Vivenis collection by hansgrohe. Whether you’re a new homeowner seeking to elevate your living space or a designer in search of the perfect mixers to realize your vision, our showrooms in Northriding and Kramerville are poised to inspire and assist you. Come and discover for yourself how Vivenis can transform your daily rituals into moments of pure relaxation.

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