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Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team now has the power to provide a truly immersive and engaging experience for our valued clients. Our enhanced service offers an extraordinary opportunity to pair our exquisite products with cutting-edge design visuals, tailored to the individual style, budget, and timeline of each customer. Brace yourselves for an exceptional sales journey!

How we work

Load Your Quote

All the items needed for the bathroom transformation, from tiles, decors, mosaics, tapware, and sandware, will be meticulously loaded onto a quote for easy reference.

What We Need

By collecting the necessary plans, including dimensions, door and window sizes and placement, and ceiling height, our team will collaborate with our designer bathroom visual creator to craft an awe-inspiring aerial view and realistic 3D visuals.

Aerial Draft View

Based on the provided information, our team will draft an aerial view that showcases the product placement, including the positioning of sanware and tile arrangement. This will enable the customer to visualize their dream bathroom concept and provide valuable input.

Stunning 3D Visuals

Once the aerial view is approved, our expert designers will render a breathtaking 3D visual of the bathroom space. These realistic visuals capture every detail, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the beauty of their future bathroom.

Exclusive Consultation`

Once your stunning aerial and 3D visuals are ready, we’ll schedule a thrilling meeting with your dedicated expert sales consultant. Brace yourself for a personalized journey where you’ll explore every detail, preview products, and witness your dream bathroom come to life!

Let”s talk about pricing

Photo Credit: AXOR ShowerHeaven

Discover Exceptional Value: Pricing for our Designer Bathroom Visuals.

  • The Designer Bathroom Visual package, including 1 x Aerial View and 1 x 3D Visual, is available for only R2760.00. It’s an excellent value for the remarkable impact it brings to your selection process.
  • As an added benefit, we offer 1 x free revision to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Additional Views: Should the customer request extra views to explore different angles, there is a nominal charge of R500.00 per view.
  • Second Revisions: In the event of further changes after the initial revision, these modifications will be billed at an hourly rate of R175.00 per hour.
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