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Bathroom Butler 4601 Paper Holder Type I

R660.00R685.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4602 Paper Holder Type II

R790.00R815.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4603 Paper Holder Type II Flap

R870.00R920.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4604 Paper Holder Spare

R715.00R730.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4606 Paper Holder Double

R815.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 5802 Paper Holder Type II

R905.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 5804 Paper Holder Spare

R920.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8201 Paper Holder Type I

R980.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8204 Paper Holder Spare

R935.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8501 Paper Holder Type I

R890.00R1,105.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8502 Paper Holder Type II

R965.00R1,030.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8503 Paper Holder Type II Flap

R1,050.00R1,105.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8504 Paper Holder Spare

R815.00R860.00 Each

Duravit Starck T Paper Holder

Duravit Starck T Spare Paper Holder

Gio Bella Como L186 Paper Holder

R765.00 Each

Gio Bella Imola L216 Paper Holder

R780.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta 4125S Spare Paper Holder

R440.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta 4125SD Spare Double Paper Holder

R505.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta 4126 Paper Holder

R455.00 Each

Gio Bella Messina 7026 Paper Holder

R1,190.00 Each

Gio Bella Messina 7028 Paper Holder

R775.00 Each

Gio Bella Modena L166 Paper Holder

R550.00 Each

Gio Bella Modena L166S Spare Paper Holder

R550.00 Each

Gio Bella Murano YA126 Paper Holder

R645.00 Each

Gio Bella Verona L206 Paper Holder

R620.00 Each

Hansgrohe AddStoris Double Roll Holder


Hansgrohe AddStoris Roll Holder


Hansgrohe AddStoris Roll Holder With Cover


Hansgrohe AddStoris Roll Holder With Shelf


Hansgrohe AddStoris Spare Roll Holder


Hansgrohe Logis Universal Open Towel Ring

Hansgrohe Logis Universal Paper Holder

Hansgrohe Logis Universal Paper Holder with Cover

Hansgrohe WallStoris Paper Holder w/Shelf