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Versace Ceramics

Versace Ceramics – The haute couture of ceramics.
Founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace himself, one of the most talented stylists of the 20th century, Gianni Versace is a synonym of Italian excellence throughout the world. Since 1997 the fashion house has worked with Gardenia Orchidea as a partner of choice, sharing both aims and values.

Soft and enveloping shapes, the finest raw materials, timeless colour combinations and the key decorative elements of the maison, such as the Medusa and the Greek fret pattern, produced using the very latest technology, characterize the Versace Home ceramic collections. A living project completed with a line of bathroom furnishings for an ALL-ROUND LOOK featuring the unmistakable Versace style.


DOMINÓ – Indústrias Cerâmicas S.A. was founded in September 1988. Located in the region of Coimbra, in the heart of Portuguese ceramics, the company began by focusing on the manufacturing of floor tiles in white paste ceramics. Later on, in 1998, DOMINÓ complemented its activity with the manufacture of wall tiles and floor tiles in Hardline stoneware. The company, that started producing 3000m2 of stoneware/day, is now proud to produce more than 12000m2/day of stoneware floor tiles, glazed porcelain floor tiles, single-fired wall tiles, as well as about 1500m2/day of rectified products.

Our vast line of products includes single fired ceramics, in white paste, to glazed porcelain stoneware and glazed porcelain stoneware. Dominó has a national network of distributors and is present in more than 60 countries, in the five continents, through a solid international structure.

We are continuously preparing the future. Continuous investment in the most advanced technologies and training of our team, lead us to believe that we are a strong business partner, providing a service which takes into account the real needs of retail market distributors, meeting the growing demands and expectations of final consumers.

Innovation and design are structural values in our organization. By creating flooring and unique ceramic coatings, of the highest quality and aesthetic level, we aim at playing an important role in the architecture and interior design projects of today and tomorrow.


We specialise in facing future challenges

At Recer, we are proud of our history, of almost 40 years’ experience as specialists in ceramic floor and wall tiles. But what motivates us and fuels our enthusiasm is the fact that we are constantly looking to the future! Being a multifaceted industrial group, we are able to stay one step ahead of trends and respond to the demands of our markets at all times.

However, we are not satisfied with what we have already achieved- we always want to do better. This is why we place such emphasis on new technologies. We are constantly investing in R&D, enabling us to discover market leading technical and design solutions. This is always combined with quality and environmental sustainability, two fundamental principles in which we constantly strive to improve.

This is how we remain at the forefront of the market.

Because we think ahead.

Gardenia Orchidea

Since 1961, the Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea Group has been developing its own concept of living, a winning choice that has made the company a byword for Italian style, excellence and quality in the 100 countries where it operates.

Gardenia ceramics are the result of in-depth research into materials, finishes, and decorations; the company’s technical staff and product managers work side-by-side with architects and designers. The home is the true focus of Gardenia’s R&D work, creating products that are always designed for a very specific kind of living space. These ceramics embody new tastes and new concepts of space, following the path of architecture. The use of highly textured natural materials like wood and marble, and the redefinition of space through the uniformity and continuity of glass and metal surfaces are trends that Gardenia has captured and translated into new ceramics.


Ceramica Del Conca was conceived in 1979 by entrepreneurs with experience in the field of construction, both in Italy and abroad, new to the world of tiles, but sensitive to the technological evolution and growing expectations of the market.

Today, the company is known internationally for the quality of its products, the excellence of its service, its ability for innovation and the design it offers. After the important investments of recent years, which have brought about considerable growth in the production capacity of its site.

The Del Conca Group includes four manufacturing companies, Ceramica Faetano, Ceramica Del Conca, Pastorelli and Del Conca USA,one commercial corporations, Produco and one foundation, the Cino Mularoni Foundation.

The group’s production currently satisfies every demand of the building industry. Ceramica Del Conca is specialized in flooring products for both indoor and outdoor use, both glazed and not, created with porcelain stoneware technology, a winner on all markets.


Marazzi is the ceramic tile industry’s best known brand. Present in more than 140 countries, it is universally recognized as synonymous with quality ceramic tiles, and symbolizes the best of Italian style and manufacturing in the interior decoration and design sector.

Marazzi was founded in 1935 at Sassuolo, in what was to become the top international hub for the creation of state-of-the-art, high-end ceramic tiles, which has grown together with the company over the decades.

In fact, Marazzi has been responsible for the main technological, process and design innovations in the ceramic tile industry – some of which have become major milestones in the history of modern ceramics – that have made the company and the district a benchmark for the entire ceramics world.

An unfailing flair for research and experimentation, the ability to predict and respond to changes and developments in lifestyles, architecture and design, and the prioritization of the environment and sustainability. These are the strong points that have enabled Marazzi to rise to the top of its industry, in Italy and internationally, and constantly confirm its leadership.

Today Marazzi belongs to Mohawk Industries Inc., the world’s biggest flooring manufacturer listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and enjoys amazing international notoriety, both with designers, architects and contractors and with dealers and final customers.


Mirage is a solid, international company which has been designing and manufacturing porcelain stoneware wall and floor coverings for commercial, public and residential use for 45 years.
Product research and innovation, know-how, style trends analysis: this is what has made Mirage a benchmark for all, working with over 160 countries, marking out the borders of contemporary living styles every day.
Mirage’s cutting-edge production system combined with the high level of expertise and professionalism of the business units and comprehensive range of products allows it to effectively meet all design and commercial requirements.
For Mirage, “Made in Italy” is not just a slogan, but an expression of authentic values. We are talking about ethics, responsibility and transparency towards our workers, the territory and environment. Being a protagonist of “Made In Italy” means guaranteeing a unique, high quality product, which embodies all the aesthetic ability, creativity, research and technological innovation that has always distinguished Italian ceramics worldwide.
For many years Mirage has directed its efforts into reducing its impact on the environment and into product safety. But it is not enough; protecting the planet and people requires everyone’s dedication. It is in the everyday choices, both personal and business, that each of us can adopt an aware behaviour to contribute to our own health and protection of the environment.