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Bathroom Butler 4610 Robe Hook Single

R455.00R470.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4611 Robe Hook Double

R565.00R580.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4640 Closed Towel Ring

R700.00R740.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4670 Single Towel Rail 430mm

R1,030.00R1,045.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4672 Single Towel Rail 670mm

R1,095.00R1,115.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4675 Single Towel Rail 800mm

R1,035.00R1,185.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4678 Single Towel Rail 1100mm

R1,365.00R1,385.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4682 Double Towel Rail 650mm

R1,565.00R1,595.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4685 Double Towel Rail 800mm

R1,700.00R1,740.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4688 Double Towel Rail 1100mm

R1,975.00R2,020.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 4693 Towel Shelf with Hang Bar

R2,680.00R2,825.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 5810 Robe Hook Single

R535.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 5841 Open Towel Ring

R895.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 5870 Single Towel Rail 430mm

R1,230.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 5882 Double Towel Rail 650mm

R1,810.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8210 Robe Hook Single

R535.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8211 Robe Hook Double

R670.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8240 Closed Towel Ring

R1,030.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8270 Single Towel Rail 430mm

R1,530.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8282 Double Towel Rail 650mm

R1,955.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8510 Robe Hook Single

R485.00R500.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8511 Robe Hook Double

R610.00R650.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8540 Closed Towel Ring

R935.00R965.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8541 Open Towel Ring

R935.00R965.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8570 Single Towel Rail 430mm

R1,360.00R1,435.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8572 Single Towel Rail 670mm

R1,430.00R1,515.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8575 Single Towel Rail 800mm

R1,555.00R1,640.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8578 Single Towel Rail 1100mm

R1,625.00R1,805.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8582 Double Towel Rail 650mm

R1,745.00R1,850.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8585 Double Towel Rail 800mm

R1,895.00R2,000.00 Each

Bathroom Butler 8588 Double Towel Rail 1100mm

R2,035.00R2,145.00 Each

Bathroom Butler Natural 5 Bar HTR

R5,380.00 Each

Bathroom Butler Natural 7 Bar HTR

R6,785.00 Each

Duravit Starck T Double Towel Hook

Duravit Starck T Double Towel Hook

Duravit Starck T Towel Hook

Duravit Starck T Towel Hook

Duravit Starck T Towel Rail

Duravit Starck T Towel Rail

Duravit Starck T Towel Ring

Duravit Starck T Towel Ring

Duravit Strack T Towel Shelf

Gio Bella Como L181B Double Robe Hook

R345.00 Each

Gio Bella Como L185 Towel Ring

R885.00 Each

Gio Bella Como L18811 Single Towel Rail

R1,260.00 Each

Gio Bella Como L18821 Double Towel Rail

R1,665.00 Each

Gio Bella Imola 21811 Single Towel Rail

R1,255.00 Each

Gio Bella Imola 21821 Double Towel Rail

R1,725.00 Each

Gio Bella Imola 251B Towel Ring

R860.00 Each

Gio Bella Imola L211 Single Robe Hook

R495.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta 4123 Double Robe Hook

R270.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta 4130 Single Towel Rail

R800.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta 4130D Double Towel Rail

R1,330.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta 4162 Towel Rack

R1,190.00 Each

Gio Bella Malta Towel Ring

R505.00 Each

Gio Bella Messina 7001 Single Robe Hook

R305.00 Each

Gio Bella Messina 7025 Towel Ring

R735.00 Each

Gio Bella Messina 7037 Single Towel Bar

R1,510.00 Each

Gio Bella Messina 7040 Double Towel Bar

R2,205.00 Each

Gio Bella Modena L161B Double Robe Hook

R350.00 Each

Gio Bella Modena L165 Towel Ring

R635.00 Each

Gio Bella Modena L16811 Single Towel Rail

R1,175.00 Each

Gio Bella Modena L16821 Double Towel Rail

R2,090.00 Each

Gio Bella Murano YA121L Robe Hook

R400.00 Each

Gio Bella Murano YA125 Towel Ring

R630.00 Each

Gio Bella Murano YA12811 Single Towel Rail

R1,320.00 Each

Gio Bella Murano YA12821L Double Towel Rail

R2,220.00 Each

Gio Bella Verona DBL20821 Verona Double Towel Rail

R1,490.00 Each

Gio Bella Verona L201B Double Robe Hook

R430.00 Each

Gio Bella Verona L205B Towel Ring

R725.00 Each

Gio Bella Verona L20811 Single Towel Rail

R1,355.00 Each

Hansgrohe AddStoris Bath Towel Rail


Hansgrohe AddStoris Double Hook


Hansgrohe AddStoris Towel Holder Twin-Hand


Hansgrohe AddStoris Towel Rack W/Towel Hold


Hansgrohe AddStoris Towel Ring


Hansgrohe Logis Universal Double Towel Rail 644mm

Hansgrohe Logis Universal Robe Hook Double

Hansgrohe Logis Universal Robe Hook Single

Hansgrohe Logis Universal Single Towel Rail 644mm

Hansgrohe WallStoris Towel Bar


Hansgrohe WallStoris Towel Hook-Slim